Sabtu, 12 Mac 2011

si copycat tesayangg :)

salam sejahtera ..

heyy , copycat . can you please ANGKATKAKI and get lost from here ? nape kau nak copy aku haa , gela ? i wish im not like you , ugly ! HAHA , sorry to say but you make me angry , silly lassie . sekian , wasalammm . aku sayangg kau gelagela lahh , copycatKU

Jumaat, 31 Disember 2010

forget the past !

salam sejahtera :)

when i keep thinking about the past , i gonna crazy . so , keep the past as your history and starting the new life . to all SPM's candidates , please don't to addict to social networking . it might cause many thing happen , right ? and i know you will know then . HAHA , are those things make you happy ? or make you as an idol or star ? HAHA , think first ! SPM come once and want you to repeat that exam ? or become mr cleaner or miss cashier when look at your friends go for further study ? want you ? sure not , right ? are you ready now ? bayangkanlah , if the train is ready to go then you still busy talking on the phone or busy chatting with your friends . of cause lahh , train tu tinggalkan korangs . ini bermakna awak terlalu lalai sehingga terlupa yang awak sedang tunggu train tu . sama lahh dengan SPM , jika awak terlalu lalai , awak pasti tidak sedar yang ianya sudah sangat hampir . boleh ke social networking atau friends yang ada dalam FL awak tu tolong awak satu hari nanti ? awak pasti ke yang dia nak tolong awak masa awak susah nanti ataupun menjadi perlindung awak ? jadi fikiran lahh . masa depan penting tidak bagi awak ? just mahu ingatkan , if saya terlupa , just remain me *dengan berhikmah . im just telling you my arguments and if you don't want to listen , it is up to you . maybe the felling that we have shared doesn't go with this flow . im too arrogant as you know ! and too ego , HAHA . these are the 'CONSEQUENTIAL' . maybe it will change someday . i really don't know what im talking about . HAHA , keep talking nonsense :D whooa , aku suda pandai cakap eng , HAHA . betul tahh ayat aku ni . so , back to our topic ! forget the past . yahh , i will forget what you had done to me . 'you' does not really you but 'you' means the one who read this entry :) im an argumentative ! *dengan bangga :D bangunlah dari your beautiful daydreaming tu , HAHA . that all ? saya tidak bermaksud untuk berhenti mengUPTADE blog disini . maybe someday i will post the new entry . HAHA :D

p/s : saya hebat , awak peduli apa ? HAHA :)